Status Title Initials FirstName Surname Gender Date of Birth Institution/Company Department/Division Occupation Highest Degree/Diploma/Certificate Received Highest Degree/Diploma/Certificate Expected Postal Address Postal Code Email Alternative Email Telephone (W) Mobile Member Category and Dues
Paid Dr L.E Langutani Eulenda Mathevula Female 1987/10/13 12:00:00 AM University of South africa Physics Lecturer PhD (Physics) N/A Unit 3 Arthur court, Christiaan de Wet 1709 0789484377 Regular
Paid Mr Nano material for electrochemical sensor Samuel Chufamo Jikamo Male 1989/08/06 12:00:00 AM Wolaita Sodo University Chemistry Lecturer Master of Science in physical chemistry PhD Sodo, Ethiopia 138 +251916506469 +251916506469 Regular
Paid Mr SA Sifiso Nsibande Male 1987/10/16 12:00:00 AM University of Pretoria Chemistry Student MSc Chemistry PhD Chemistry Chemistry Department, Natural Sciences 1 Building, University of Pretoria 0002 012 420 3099 071 388 0032 Regular
Paid Mr ZW Zolile Dlamini Male 1985/02/23 12:00:00 AM university of south africa physics student Master of Science in Physics PhD in Physics 50 Callaway Street, Mthatha 5099 0814637225 Student
Paid Mr W Werner Jansen van Vuuren Male 1966/02/23 12:00:00 AM MIED New Product Development CEO Diploma Personnel Management Diploma Personnel Management Castlekop Farm, Barberton 1300 0828216244 0828216244 Affiliate
Paid Mr Test Test Test Male 1980/01/01 12:00:00 AM Test Test Test Test Test 1 Main Street 1000 011000000 011000000 Regular
Paid Mr T Test Test Female 1981/11/01 12:00:00 AM Mintek Engineering Chemist PHD PHD 123 Main Street 1099 0119029229 0820000000 Affiliate